KING PAW is a five track project which combines the high energy instrumentation you come to expect from ‘The PAW’ with catchy melodic choruses to match. All tracks feature producer Alter Ego, from Toronto Canada, whose production style differs from the sounds that Drake and The Weeknd have carved out for the city. While Alto Ego brings an uptempo authentic rock band sound throughout the five track project Goliath PAW touches on a variety of personal subjects leaving himself vulnerable for the first time, giving his fans an in-depth look into what makes him the artist he is today. 

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Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) is a collection of songs written and recorded by Canadian urban artistGoliath PAW. This EP takes hiphop and combines it with a heavy pop and rock influence creatinga unique sound and style all in its own. Each song promises a story for the listener to followdelivered alongside clever wordplay and a sense of humor. All songs are upbeat with theexception of “GetAway” a slower tune with a deep thought-provoking story. With conceptseveryone can relate to, songs like “Weirdos Win” and “Higher” teach self confidence while”Buried Alive” deals with matters of the heart. The name “Canary In A Coal Mine” is an oldsaying which today translates to “warning.”

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