The Teaser (2017)

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Goliath PAW

Hip Hop / Pop / Rock

Goliath PAW delivers an edgy and cool appeal that's missing from many recording artists in 2017. Goliath has used his large and growing social media following to build up a cult following in his hometown Ottawa, ON. In 2015 after moving to Toronto to pursue his dreams he has successfully built another large following in Canada's largest city. Known today as the "6ix" thanks to "6ix God" Drake and other Toronto artists and personalities. Goliath is working alongside some of the 6ix's best known producers, artists and engineers to craft his masterpiece "The P.A.W Print" set for digital release Spring 2017. Nicknamed by fans "Mr. Rock Pop & Hip Hop" Goliath PAW combines his love of rock and genre bending pop, while adding his own unique style to create the unique sound that he has developed an ever growing reputation for. To further set himself apart from his contemporaries Goliath PAW fuses new age Hip-Hop fashion with a Punk/Rock star look to create visual imagery that is truly his own. Extremely confident and energetic on stage Goliath PAW channels 70's rock icons Axl Rose and David Lee Roth to put on a show that is guaranteed to be unforgettable while still relevant to an urban crowd. Fans have been known to drive hours to attend his shows and events, his drummer, guitarist, bassist, and DJ bring a 360 degree experience missing from many urban shows.

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